2004 - 2017

Election campaign / public interventions
The Monograph, self-published newspaper, inkjet color printing, edition of 5000
Read My Lips, public participatory installation, lectern, mixed media with sound
Germany, the Netherlands & Austria


In 2004 Nir Nadler stayed in Beelitz, a small town in the German state of Brandenburg. During that period local elections inspired him to launch his own campaign as a fictional candidate.
Norbert Nadler is a chameleon politician who adapts to the ideologies at hand, to the mood of his environment. Like any other populist politician seeking election, signs and posters promoting his candidacy were distributed throughout the city carrying the slogan Stimmt (meaning: ‘That’s true’, but also ‘Vote’) which was, in fact, the essence of his political agenda.

The campaign then carried on to the Netherlands and manifested itself with the publication of The Monographa newspaper that presents news from a subjective point of view.


With thanks to Harry Heyink (EEA)
Mayor offices of Brandenburg & Amsterdam
Supported by the ‘Berlage Fund’ & ‘SKOR’ – Foundation Art and the Public Domain

Graphic design by Wouter van der Sluijs
Editing / translation by Ruben Bloemgarden
Advice & speech editing by Nimrod Kahn