Group show at Artphy, the Netherlands

Mystical and stigmatizing, fearsome and enchanting, witch, behind this name lies a hundred’s years old system of misogyny, torture, execution, exclusion and a deep-rooted fear of empowered women. Especially for this exhibition we are commissioned to create a new work responding on the theme. A corresponding book will be available at the opening.

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Statement – Close. Far away. Closer

Ukrainian/Russian/Dutch group show at Gallery Victoria, Samara, Russia

We strongly believe in the role the arts can play in bridging divides, developing critical thinking and promoting dialogue. Art is a universal language that can overcome barriers and distance and has the power to connect people. Therefore we find it important to keep on showing our film ‘Nation for two’, which addresses the absurdity of borders, at gallery Victoria in Samara, Russia.

But we cannot do so without openly condemning the Russian aggressive invasion of Ukraine. Right now Ukrainian civilians are hiding in shelters and dying under missiles fire, while Russian protesters are getting silenced and imprisoned for opposing this unnecessary war.

Hertog Nadler

Close. Far away. Closer

Ukrainian/Russian/Dutch group show at Gallery Victoria, Samara, Russia

As the pandemic is not receding “The Dividing Line” is a notion that continuously manifests itself in our daily life. In this new global state of lockdown and social distancing the exhibition poses questions in regards to borders, personal, national, territorial and (inter) national. Other participating artists include: Zina Isupova, Pavel Braila, Oleg Ustinov, Nikolay Alekseev, Kirill Savelyev, Mikhail Dolyanovsky, Sigrid Viir, Topp & Dubio, Anastasia Livadnova

Curated by Sergey Bratkov and Evgenia Kikodze

Supported by the OVCHARENKO gallery, Moscow

Address: Nekrasovskaya Ulitsa, 2, Samara, Samara Oblast, Russia

Read more: www.gallery-victoria.ru

The Museum of the Revolution, 100 Years of Left Art

Group show at Gallery Victoria, Samara, Russia

Left art proceeds from two stable positions: criticising the existing order and rebuilding the world. Departing from these parallel positions the exhibition explores rhetoric and imagery of revolution in leftist art over the course of hundred years. Other participating artists include: Georg Gross, Diega Rivera, Renato Guttuso, Frans Maserel Yuri Albert, Dmitry Venkov, Oleg Volkov and Yuliy Rybakov, Anna Ermolaeva, Artem Loskutov, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Svetalana Shuvaeva, the TOTART art group and others.

Curated by Sergey Balandin

Address: Nekrasovskaya Ulitsa, 2, Samara, Samara Oblast, Russia

Read more: www.gallery-victoria.ru

Opening: Portal 2.0

Completion Art Route Zwolle, the Netherlands

The Future has a long History.

After seven year in the making our collaborative public art project with Ram Katzir is completed. Portal 2.0 consists of a permanent installation in Zwolle’s new station square and a series of artworks leading to the city centre.

Commissioned by the municipality of Zwolle.

Book your time travel today at the Portal website.


Group show at Exhibition Space 38CC, Delft, the Netherlands

This summer 38CC brings nature into the exhibition space.
In Scenery the view is focused on the landscape. But not necessarily the traditional landscape and idyllic nature.

The charcoal drawings of Anouk Griffioen, the textile works of Lawrence James Bailey and the surreal video of Hertog Nadler depict the tense relationship between man and nature. With this contrasting presentation of intriguing works, the traditional-looking theme of the romantic landscape acquires a whole new dynamic and meaning. Scenery becomes scene. And vice versa.

Address: Papenstraat 5, 2611 JB Delft

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Upcoming: Zumu, The Museum on the Road

Group Exhibition at the Lower Galilee in Israel

Zumu is a community-based contemporary art museum, which travels throughout Israel and presents cutting edge artworks in conjunction with local communities. Zumu’s fifth Station will be located in a new large Hangar at the Galilee industrial area, and engage with the relationship between agriculture and art. Other participating artists include:

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Upcoming: Portal 2.0

Expansion of Art Route Zwolle, the Netherlands

We are currently designing an extension to Art Route Zwolle, which was completed in 2016 in collaboration with Ram Katzir. ‘Portal 2.0’ will consist of a permanent installation at the new station square and a temporary live size portrait exhibition of the time travelers during the renovation period.

Commissioned by the municipality of Zwolle

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Solo exhibition at MAHAL Art Centre, Çanakkale, Turkey

Our film ‘Nation for Two’ partakes in SENKRON; a new video art screening program in various galleries, museums and art spaces spread across Turkey.

Address: MAHAL Art Centre.
Fevzipaşa, Çay Kenarı Sk. No:147, 17100 Merkez/Çanakkale, Turkey

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Eco Noir: Dark Day for a Bright Future

Symposium and Book Launch, KuvA Research Days, Uniarts Helsinki, Finland

The symposium is dedicated to the fragile and complex ways in which we share our habitats and environment with other species in times of crisis. This event will also launch the academic book ‘Eco Noir’ will take place, for which Nir Nadler contributed with his essay ‘Natural Acts’. Keynote speakers, including Dr. Amir Vudka and the artist duo Hertog Nadler, will address the issues ethics and aesthetics in making artworks with animals. Hosted by Jack Faber.

More about the symposium

Read the essay ‘Natural Acts’

Order the book ‘Eco Noir’

Cooking For The Apocalypse

Group Show at Uniarts Exhibition Laboratory in Helsinki, Finland

‘Cooking for the Apocalypse’ challenges our ancient relationship with nature that has been broken in the age of consumerism, with the animals that once were at the center of our existence now marginalized. With more than a dozen artworks of international and Finland-based artists the exhibition examines ethics in human-animal relations and the consequences on our mutual wellbeing. Curated by Jack Faber.

Address Merimiehenkatu 36 C, Helsinki, Finland

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Official Selection – IPF Festival

Screenings at the International Portrait Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria

Our short film ‘Moni & Peco’ has been selected for the official competition program of the International Portrait Film Festival. The intimate and personal film collage is dedicated to the memory of Pessach (Peco) Nadler, 1934 – 2003.

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Fragile World, Vicious Borders

Group show at Museum of Moscow, Russia

The short animation film ‘Nation for Two’ is part of an exhibition that explores the anachronism of land border restrictions. Other participating artists include Sigalit Landau, Victor Alimpiev, Koka Ramishvili, Nikita Alekseev, Sergeĭ Bratkov, Ivan Yazykov, Dmitry Evmenenko, Peter Kiryusha, Irina Korina, Andrey Kuz’kin, , Konstantin Larin, Yuri Leiderman, Roman Mokrov, ‘Iced Architects’, ‘North 7’, Egor Fedorichev, Peter Shvetsov and Ivan Shchukin. Curator Evgenia Kikodze.

Address: Museum of Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard 2, Russia

Time Travellers

Outdoor photography exhibition at Zwolle Station, the Netherlands

During the film-shoot for ‘Time Tunnel’, our video installation at Zwolle’s railway station, 500 locals participated as commuters from diverse periods. Five years later we present an outdoor photography exhibition of the participants. The life-size portraits will be displayed on construction fences around the station’s square and alternate every few months until construction is complete.

Commissioned by the municipality of Zwolle, collaboration with Ram Katzir Photography by Jaap Stahlie , graphic design by Rutger Fuchs

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Biannual Dance Film Festival at Salt Lake City, U.S

SCREENDANCE 2020 is a celebration of dance films programmed by the University of Utah School of Dance, Film & Media Arts Department and Salt Lake Film Society.  Curated by award-winning Scottish director Katrina McPherson and distinguished Professor at the University of Utah School of Dance Ellen Bromberg.

Address: The Broadway Centre Cinemas
Downtown Salt Lake City, 300 South 111 East, United States

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The Way it Looks Back at You

Screenings at ART MADRID, Spain

During ‘Art Madrid’ the short film ‘Harvest’ is shown in the video program ‘The way it looks back at you’. In collaboration with ‘PROYECTOR video art festival’ the program showcases eight works derived from the world of dreams and each deal with a hypnotic re-cycling of time. Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou & Maria Bourika.

Address: Crystal Gallery of CentroCentro Cibeles. C / Montalbán 1

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Videos on Loop

Group show for video art at Vermont Studio Center in U.S

Two of our video works, ‘Parable of the Blind’ & ‘The Four Riders’ are selected for the Videos on Loop show in Vermont Studio Center. The exhibition takes place in ‘Gallery II’ in the ‘Wolf Kahn’ studio building. Curated by Sandrine Schaefer.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22nd on 19:00, gallery talk at 20:00.

Address: Vermont Studio Center, 80 Pearl Street, Johnson, VT 05656, USA

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Official Selection, International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona

The short film ‘Harvest’ is included in the 2019 Official Selection of ‘Choreoscope’ – International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. The festival takes place in two venues: ‘La Filmoteca’ and ‘Cinema Maldà’. 

An additional one-time screening takes place on November 26th in Freiburg, Germany, hosted by ‘Theater Freiburg’ & ‘Kommunales Kino’ as part of ‘Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne’.

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Permanent public art, Sloterdijk, the Netherlands

Commissioned by GET LOST Art Projects we made a new site-specific sculpture that offers new perspectives on the neighborhood of Sloterdijk in Amsterdam. The unveiling of ‘Intersections’ takes place on the 28th of June with the grand opening of ‘PLAY STATION SLOTERDIJK’.

Location: Bright Offices’ square (in between Sloterdijk Station & café Helden

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Article (in Dutch) on the work process

SELF – Human Soap

Video triptych for the Prague Quadrennial for Scenography

Made in collaboration with theater-maker Julian Hetzel, a cinematic triptych video sheds light on the ideology and manufacturing process behind an exclusive product: human soap, made from people, for people.

SELF is the national entry of the Netherlands at the Prague Quadrennial for Scenography.

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Symposium: Artworks in Dutch Stations

Launch website & book launch, Koninklijke wachtkamer, Amsterdam CS

For the symposium ‘Kunst op Nederlandse Stations’, hosted by ‘Bureau Spoorbouwmeester’, we are invited to speak about ‘Time Tunnel’; our permanent video-installation in Zwolle’s station. At the symposium an interactive website and a book with the complete collection of artworks in Dutch station throughout the years were launched.

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Echoes of Eco

Group show of video art at Sochi, Russia

Our short film ‘Harvest’ is selected for the 9th edition of ‘Echoes of Eco’; a showcase of video art on ecology and environmental issues. The exhibition takes place at the ‘Sochi Winter Theatre’ and is part of the ‘12th Winter Festival of Arts’. Curated by Antonio Geusa

Modern Body Festival 2018: ALIEN BODIES

Group Show at ‘The Grey Space in the Middle’, The Hague, The Netherlands

During ‘Modern Body Festival’ our 4 channel video installation ‘The Four Riders’ is exhibited at ‘The Grey Space in the Middle’ in The Hague. Other multidisciplinary works from artists such as Moritz Simon Geist, Meinhardt-Krauss-Feigl, Julian Hetzel, The Constitute, Tivon Rice, Weihaw Wang, Rita Góbi & Ryuji Yamaguch. Curated by Stelios Manousakis and Stephanie Pan.

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Alumni Video Screening

A retrospective video screening featuring a selection of works from seven years of Skowhegan Alliance

Other participating artists include: Amanda Alfieri (A ’08) Nobutaka Aozaki (A ’15) Rebecca Baldwin (A ’04) Monica Cook (A ’12) Andrew Ellis Johnson (A ‘99) & Susanne Slavick (A ’97) Autumn Knight & Chelsea Knight (A ’16/A ’08) Siobhan Landry (A ’11) Jennifer Levonian (A ’07) Lilly McElroy (A ’06) Mores McWreath (A ’13) Shala Miller (A ’17) Ivan Monforte (A ’04), John Peña (A ’09) Finn Schult (A ’17) Pallavi Sen (A ’17) Pascual Sisto (A ’11) Rodrigo Valenzuela (A ’13) and Bryan Zanisnik (A ’08)

136 W. 22nd Street, NY, NY

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Beauty of the Battle

Group Show at Museum CODA in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

The exhibition ‘Beauty of the Battle’ investigates man’s attraction to violence, and the analogy between noble and bestial instincts. Other participating artists include: Abramovic/Ulay, AES+F, LA Raeven, Barbara Broekman, Abbas Kowsari, Eishôsai Chôki, Childish Gambino, Katsushika Hokusai (JP), Abu Bakarr Mansaray, Damian Kapojos, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Mohau Modisakeng, Jens Pfeifer, Ronald Tolman, Harm Weistra, Wieske Wester and Ali Zanjani. Curated by Wim van der Beek.

Location: Vosselmanstraat 299, 7311 CL Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

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Before the Past, After the Future

 The 6th Çanakkale Biennial, Turkey

The sixth edition of the Çanakkale Biennial brings together works of 37 international artists and draws its inspiration from Troy; a legendary place in Homer’s epic and a real-life archaeological site.

MAHAL Art centre, Çanakkale, Turkey

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Resilient Futures

Group Show at CACT, Greece

A unique art venture at Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, dedicated to video art by prominent international artists that refer to urban, environmental and social resilience and sustainability. The exhibition features work by other artists such as Mika Rottenberg, Eva Kotatkova, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Giorgos Drivas, Oliver Ressler, Janny Begg and Saskia OldeWolbers, amongst others. Curated by Syrago Tsiara and co-produced by ‘Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative’ (PCAI).

Address: Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki (CACT), Warehouse B1, Port

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Video Art Miden

International Video Art Festival in Kalamata, Greece

‘Harvest’ participates in a rich program of international video art that is spread across the historic center and beach coast of Kalamata. This year’s program includes morning and night screenings, free for the public. Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou and Margarita Stavraki.

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