One becomes what others believe one to be.

The latter is the case with Norbert Nadler; a jukebox politician, press play, and he’ll dance to the ideology of your choice.


Nir Nadler’s alter ego Norbert was conceived during local elections of 2004 in Brandenburg, Germany. Like any other populist politician seeking election, signs and posters promoting his candidacy were distributed throughout the city carrying the slogan STIMMT; meaning both ‘Vote’ and ‘True’ in German.

The campaign continued in the Netherlands and consisted of public appearances, a self-published newspaper ‘The Monograph’ and a hyper realistic sculpture titled ‘Biblelon’, in which Norbert gives his oath on a tower of holy books.


Fictive Campaign, 2004-2006

Performances, election posters

Artist publication – edition of 5000

With contributions by divers authors

Graphic design by Wouter van der Sluijs

Editing and translation by Ruben Bloemgarden

In association with the ‘European Exchange Academy’


With special thanks to the mayor offices of Brandenburg & Amsterdam

Supported by the ‘Berlage Fund’ & ‘SKOR’ – Foundation Art and the Public Space

Germany and the Netherlands