Permanent art route
Mixed media, various sizes and locations
Zwolle, The Netherlands


Portal is a permanent art route that invites you to discover how closely lives in different time periods are linked. Commuters traveling through the new Zwolle station encounter a panoramic video installation that was shot at the exact same location and invites you on a virtual journey through time. The route from the railway station towards the city consists of a series of sculptures and a blue bronze line that connects all these elements.


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Collaboration with Ram Katzir
Commissioned by the municipality of Zwolle
Made with the participation of 500 locals
Film production by ‘Family Affair Films’
Landscape design in collaboration with ‘Marseille Buiten’ & Yuka Yoshida
Supported by the ‘European Union’, the Province of Overijssel, ‘Shosho’ & the ‘Mondriaan Fund’