Nation for Two


Short film, stop-motion-animation & HD video, 15:16 min.
France, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands

A man and a woman dig their way towards each other from two remote locations. Their subterranean journeys pass through a wide collage of natural and urban landscapes and address the absurdity of land borders.


Stop motion animation by Hertog Nadler
Cinematography by David Stragmeister
Sound Design by Giori Politi , sound Mix by Daniel Meir
Postproduction by Dror Stavisky, Studio TinkaTinka
Production by Family Affair Films & Hertog Nadler
Distribution by ‘EYE Film Museum’


Premiered at the ‘Netherlands Film Festival’

  • Selected Dutch Shorts 2012 – ‘EYE film Museum’, Amsterdam
  • Winner ‘José Luis Borau award’ for best film – ‘International Cinema Week Madrid 2013’, Spain
  • Winner ‘Under 35 Award’ – ‘INVIDEO film festival 2013’ in Milano, Italy
  • International Honorable Mention – ‘Curta Cinema 2013’ – Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil