Nation for Two


Short film, stop-motion-animation & HD video, 15:16 min.

France, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands

A subterranean journey of a man and a woman, digging their way towards each other from two remote locations. Their journey passes through a wide collage of landscapes and addresses the absurdity of land borders.


Stop motion animation by Hertog Nadler
Cinematography by David Stragmeister
Sound design by Giori Politi
Sound mix by Daniel Meir
Postproduction by Dror Stavisky
Production by ‘Family Affair Films’
Distribution by ‘EYE Film Museum’ (section: short, experimental)
Supported by the ‘Netherlands Film Fund’, ‘Amsterdam Fund for the Arts’ (AFK) & ‘KUNSTENISRAËL’


Premiered at the ‘Netherlands Film Festival’

  • Selected Dutch Shorts 2012 – ‘EYE film Museum’, Amsterdam
  • Winner ‘José Luis Borau award’ for best film – ‘International Cinema Week Madrid 2013’, Spain
  • Winner ‘Under 35 Award’ – ‘INVIDEO film festival 2013’ in Milano, Italy
  • International Honorable Mention – ‘Curta Cinema 2013’ – Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil