Double Take


Site Specific Installation
Mixed media, 606 x 244 x 350 cm
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Time, memory and identity are central themes in ‘Double’ Take’, a site-specific installation positioned at the heart of the Schinkel neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Disguised as a Real Estate office, the work responds on the given location, its history and communities. At first sight, the glass pavilion displays hyperbolic descriptions and inflated market valuations of houses offered for sale or rent. Except, the properties in question are in fact historic buildings of the ‘Dubbele Buurt’, a small neighbourhood that had been demolished around 1933. Drawing on personal and historical narratives, the work freezes a moment in time to reflect upon the increasing globalisation of the world. In other words, gentrification is alienation.


Commissioned by ‘Soledad Senlle’ for ‘Kads 2018’ (Art in the Schinkel)
Curated by Marisol Ferradás. Assistant curators: Sascia Vos & Doina Kraal
Supported by the municipality of Amsterdam, ‘Mondriaan Fund’ & Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
With special thanks to Amsterdam City Archives and historians Joke Sickmann & Fred van Kooij