Selected projects in collaboration with other artists and theatre makers

Surveillance, 2014

Multi-disciplinary dance performance, 60 min.
Multiple video projections, animations, body-extensions with live-video-feed
Collaboration with Zvidance Company

“ Who’s watching whom and to what purpose?
Surveillance’ is a shrewd collage, both appealing and disconcerting, of the Orwellian Big Brother society. In a society in which people need to film or photograph everything, what intimacy is left? ”

– Alastair Macaulay,  The New York Times

Choreography by Zvi Gotheiner
Animations by Uri Hallel
Technical support by Jon Bremner
Light design by Mark London
Music by Scott Killian


SELF, 2019

3-channel video installation, HD video with sound, 10:29 min. (loop)

Collaboration with Julian Hetzel

Located in the heart of a popular shopping district of Prague, a boutique pop-up shop promotes a unique product: human soap, made from people, for people. On the second floor of the shop visitors immerse themselves with a cinematic triptych video that sheds light on the ideology and manufacturing process behind the product.

SELF is the national entry of the Netherlands at the Prague Quadrennial 2019.

DOP: Casper Brink & Ben Geraerts
Dramaturgy by Miguel Angel Melgares

With thanks to Tungsten studio

Curated by Platform Scenography
Produced by Ism & Heit
Coproduced by Dutch Performing Arts, Stimulerings Fonds, SOAP Maastricht,


Aftertaste, 2017 (revised)

Single channel Video installation
HD video with sound, 36:00 min. (loop)
Materials: fine quality pure Belgium chocolate, wood & edible paint
The Netherlands

Collaboration with and performed by Ntando Cele
Sound design by Yuval Reuven
Postproduction by Przemek Siemion
Supported by DasArts